Saturday, June 06, 2009

Bishop Athanasius Schneider

Well Kazakhstan may have been in the thoughts of those following the England football team today but for Catholics interested in liturgical renewal Kazakhstan means bishop Athanasius Schneider, famous for his little book, Dominus Est which looks at how Holy Communion has been distributed down the ages in the Catholic Church and gives good reasons as to why the reception of holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue best expresses the Church`s teaching.

I`m delighted to say that Dominus Est is the next book our parish reading group will be looking at once all the copies have arrived from Family Publications.

In the meantime here is the man himself talking about his book and the issues in a video released today by Gloria TV.

UPDATE 11.06.09 I have been told by one reader that she can`t see the video. Is this a general problem?


Diane Korzeniewski said...

Good choice of books.

We have been blessed with a visit at my parish in Detroit, by Bp Schneider and I was able to do some photostories on it (here is my label for Bp Schneider. You'll have to scroll about half-way down before the photo posts begin, as I have made many posts on him. Note his ring, which is very simple - the Miraculous Medal).

We are soon to be blessed again with another visit by Bp Schneider as he comes to speak at our Call to Holiness Conference, October 10, 2009.

madame evangelista said...

I think the video problem is browser-related. I couldn't see it either, but I usually use firefox. Have just tried internet explorer and the video is visible there.

Ttony said...

Father, I can see the video fine.


Julia said... there a US source to purchase this book?

Thank you.