Sunday, April 26, 2009

Madame Evangelista

I`m delighted to see Madame Evangelista is back. You can find her new blog here. The first few posts are a little on the ranting side as Madame admits. (I`m glad to see Forest Murmurs manages to get a vote of confidence however.) As usual there is plenty of food for thought and Madame offers an interesting perspective on Catholic life.


madame evangelista said...

Thanks Father. I really will try to keep my rants in check :)

Seeker said...

Brilliant news, I've missed her unique perspectve.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Canny Lad, I think you`ll need to say more than that to explain your comment: I`m not keen on publishing personal abuse.

servus altaris said...

While I must say I do find certain points that Madame makes in her first posts interesting and refreshing, I also have to admit that I disagree with the notion that Catholic blogs have to be all nice and balanced and harmless. Catholicism is under attack from pretty much every corner these days, and so Catholics have to respond to that, even if it means throwing in some unpleasant words in the process. Jesus said: 'I came to throw fire unto the earth' and also 'They shall condemn you to death for the sake of my name'(quotes from memory so excuse any mistakes please). Times are harsh and I would not single any Cath blogger out for being too vicious. Truth usually IS nasty and unpleasant because it shakes us and opens our eyes.

It is a delusion to think that we should all pat each other'sbacks and say 'hey it's great, we're Catholics, let's drink and be merry for tomorrow we shall be dead anyway, so forget about values and doctrine'

Unfortunately, in times like these, where everything is relative, 'less evil or more evil, not simply evil) I do not find it surprising at all that one should wish to take the middle ground.

Nonetheless I'll follow your blog with kind interest Madame, and I hope you are not offended by my perspective.

With all respect