Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today`s Brinkburn Mass

A smaller congregation than usual came for Mass at Brinkburn today but the weather was good and the music wonderful. After Mass there was a reception for Ian Graham to thank him for all his work since 1993 promoting Gregorian chant in this diocese. We are going to miss him very much. Above is a picture from today`s Mass.


Anonymous said...

I often wonder if it is strictly necessary to have so many servers (in this case, seven)? Even for a High Mass. And I do wonder how it all goes down with someone attending a TLM for the first time.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Secptical I suppose it is only necessary to have four for a High Mass but torchbearers are good, if available, and there can be up to six of them.

I would hope someone attending for the first time might think it was all rather splendid and that it looked as if something important was happening.