Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blair Conversion

This is the bit that intrigues me ( from today`s Times):

Vittorio Messori, a Catholic writer who co-authored books with John Paul II and Benedict XVI, said: “Friends in the English church have told me that it all started with Cherie’s faith. Gently, gently, she convinced him to go to mass with her so as not to separate the family on Sundays. He was struck above all by the liturgy. I found out about this 10 years ago.


Paulinus said...

Poor man, unless he went somewhere like the Oratory or Westminster Cathedral.

If all he got was guitars and tamberines, it might explain a lot

Fr Michael Brown said...

Yes I imagine he didn`t go to Rome to thank the pope for Summorum Pontificum.

Anonymous said...

Come now Fr..perhaps miracles do happen??

John said...

If he was an Anglo-Catholic for several decades, I would imagine that beautiful liturgy would be a priority for him. Smells and bells etc.

Fr Michael Brown said...

I agree with you John but apart from Westminster Cathedral I don`t think he would have got this at some of the other places he has been known to attend Mass. Let`s hope we hear more of Mr Blair`s liturgical views. It was rumoured that he is interesting in the permanent diaconate so we may even get to see him in action!

Unknown said...

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