Monday, March 05, 2007

Parish Website

Thanks to Ronan Dodds the new parish website has got off the ground. Still quite a bit to do but at least it`s up and running.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! Glad to see there's a parish website!

Hebdomadary said...

Looking good from where I sit in San Diego! I like the altar frontal, looks darned respectable, like someone took some time and effort over it :-) Just move that altar back a ways...that's that you can just reach into the tabernacle over it...perfect. Now it'll be just like the one the Pope uses in his private chapel. But seriously, your sanctuary is beginning to look like a place of serious action. Keep up the recovery.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Hebdomadary, you`ll be glad to hear hat the altar is moved back, as you suggest, on a Satuday morning when I say a `private` traditional Mass. The website picture is the one that has previously appeared on this blog. When I came I was not at all impressed that I had a church where the altar was simply a table which wasn`t even fixed to floor but it does have an advantage in that it can be easily pushed back against the wall. I still think the main altar should be fixed but at the moment that is not a priority. Let`s only hope that the new document on Tuesday has something to say about the value of ad orientem celebrations.
The tabernacle needs a veil but a veil on a square tabernacle somehow doesn`t look right so I may need to get a false dome made to go on top.

biretta wearer said...

I'm so pleased that you are no longer referred to as the 'Community Leader' or whatever it was on the old parish website! You have certainly made a difference to the 'worship space'.

I had a 'box' tabernacle converted to make it suitable for veiling by adding a simple 'false' dome in wood and we now use it on the Altar of Repose.

Next job here is an altar frontal - I have a seamstress lined up and am considering various Watts and Co. tapestry fabrics etc.

It is hard work, moving from a place that one has got more or less 'right'(and seeing it almost dismantled overnight by one's successor)into a 60's, 70's, 80's liturgical wilderness. I'm taking it slowly and try to use the seasons and feasts to introduce each 'new'(old) element. SAying that, electric sanctuary lamps went on day one, veil placed on tabernacle first Sunday, 'oil candles' replaced second Sunday....then I slowed down. This Lent it was the altar crucifix, frontal to follow at Easter.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Thanks NC, there is still quite a way to go with the website but I`m glad you approve of the changes so far. I`m interested to hear that you too have made a false dome for a `box tabernacle`. I must get a joiner in. Your situation sounds not unlike my own although my successsor hasn`t dismantled that much of what I left behind. HOwever there is a long way to go here. Last night the parish council approved of the icons I want to have on either side of the tabernacle provided the money can be raised through donations. The organ is defintely no good so we may have to persevere with the little keyboard and its 699 variant sounds.