Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bishop`s Visitation

Pictures of last weekend`s visitation Mass can be found on the parish website. Here`s an extra one.


John said...

Bishop Kevin preached a lovely homily. I nearly mistook him for an Anglican convert! Sadly Roman Catholic priests usually look terrified of the congregation.

Disgruntled of North of Watford said...

Very impressed to see the seventh candle for the Ordinary. I envy you....H&N has a bishop who wears a mitre! Was the crozier in evidence too?
Ours, if he bothers at all, perhaps once in a blue moon wears full headgear for the procession in and out, and on the rare occasions that he deigns to use his 'pastoral staff', it resembles the type of curvy toothpick carried by an Anglican suffragan.
One gets the impression that he kind of knows what they are for but hasn't a clue how to use them.
Ah well, not too long to go 'til he has to offer his resignation to the Holy Father, having reached the age limit.

Fr Michael Brown said...

John, I couldn`t possibly comment!

Fr Michael Brown said...

Disgruntled, I searched the `Ceremony of bishops` to find a reference to the 7th candle and found nothing. A friend said it is mentioned somewhere in the mare magnum of new liturgical law. I did it anyway as it is such a good scriptural foundation. I didn`t realise that mitre-wearing was such a dying art.

Disgruntled of North of Watford said.. said...

I seem to remember reading of the seventh candle's use in the GIRM (must have slipped past the ICEL censors).
I notice the Holy Father sometimes makes use of 7 acolytes in processions but seems to be reduced to four on the Papal Altar at St Peter's - no doubt to allow people to see what's going on. I wonder how long that will last for.
Fortunately, the dying art of mitre wearing appears to be dying with its those who would have it dead.

Anonymous said...

John pleased you enjoyed Bishop Kevin's homily, quite frankly if you were a Roman Catholic priest in the parish of St Mary's, Forest Hall you would not only look terrified but actually would be terrified of this congregation wondering what they had in store for the parish priest next.
Be Warned!