Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Work finished

Back in 2006 I contacted Sr Petra Clare to ask her to create some icons for my two parishes. Now at last they are complete. Just before Easter Sister sent two roundels for St Mary`s one of a dove and one of a crown to accompany the icons of the Annunciation and Coronation of Our Lady. So here are pictures of the finished items. Many thanks to Sr Petra Clare.

This was where we started in 2005 and I dare say some preferred this but I hope some parishioners have grown to like the present arrangement.


Damask Rose said...

Beautiful transformation, Father. The icons tie in really well with your "modern" Church.

ScepticalBeliever said...

Surely no one could prefer the old?

Ben Trovato said...

What a great achievement: well done to both you and Sr Petra Clare!

1569 Rising said...

Really enhances the church.

Pat Mac said...

They are beautiful and, along with the re centralised tabernacle with veil, big six and altar frontal, have made a vast improvement to your church. The Easter flowers were also the best I have seen so congratulations to the parishoner/s responsible for them! What's next?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the next will be turning the church back from it's side putting the altar and everything back to the wall where the church hall is and blocking that door of and making a proper aisle in the middle because the icons are beautiful but until the church is turned back nothing is right and hopefully after that the next will be a proper dignified confesional not a cupboard wich is a passage with 2 glas doors and which you can see from the church if the Priest is sitting there.

Rachel said...

Quite beautiful,also I like how the Tabernacle has,quite rightly has been placed back in the centre,which I think they should always be positioned!!!

Rubricarius said...

A vast improvement indeed. One suggestion: why not replace the wooden bracket and shelf supporting the Cross with a plaster corbel painted the same colour as the pilaster?

1569 Rising said...


Call me a curmudgeonly old Rightie, but please allow an observation.
Today, May 4th is the Feast of the Holy Martyrs of England & Wales.

Today, May 4th, our Bishop chose to celebrate Mass in the Cathedral for the Diocesan Justice & Peace activists prior to their joining their fellow Lefties in the May Day march through the city centre.

Don't get me wrong. I don't much care what a bunch of Leftists chose to get up to in their own time and in their own place. But I do wonder at the wisdom of the Cathedral authorities hosting such a devisive and sectarian event. I also question whether it is appropriate for the lecturn to be draped in the multi-coloured all-purpose flag which originated with the LGBTG people.

OK, I know I am an old disgruntled
type, one who has never got over being asked to leave the inaugural meeting of the Diocesan J&P group in the 1970's, on the grounds that I was a self-confessed Tory.

It's obviously more important to celebrate May Day than to remember the Martyrs of England & Wales.

Terry Middleton