Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time to open the box!

I still can`t get that worked up about who I would like to see as pope but from a Geordie perspective Odilo Scherer would be good (if pronounced as Shearer and it may not be). Or Cañizares Llovera if pronounced Canny Zares. He might also be the smallest pope ever if elected. Cardinal Ranjith used to say exciting things when at the CDW but hasn`t said much that has been picked up since going home. I don`t know: what we need is leader with a bit of charisma who can restore confidence in the Church. And a few saints would be a help.


1569 Rising said...

Difficult to forecast, but surely the front runner with the Bookies, Cardinal Scola, is ineligible on account of his name:
Pope Scola

(try saying it out loud)

I'll get my coat!

GOR said...

Of course from a Wisconsin perspective we’re looking for a ‘Cheesehead’ Pope.

No, not Dolan, who has been known to wear a cheesehead hat. He was but a passerby in these parts…

Rather - one Raymond Leo Burke who is really from Wisconsin.

A vain hope, perhaps, but I’m sure we’ll get the one we deserve – whether we like it or not!

Someone was quoted as saying that the Holy Spirit blesses us with some Popes, is tolerant of other Popes - but also inflicts some Popes on us.

Given a choice I’d rather be blessed…

1569 Rising said...


Just read a post on Rorate Caeli.

I am confused and shattered, if half of it is true.

Please, your comments.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Well I didn`t fall on the floor laughing for joy like when Benedict was elected. However we`ll have to see what happens. I wonder whether Benedict will outlive him?

Em said...

The people posting on Rorate Caeli should be ashamed of themselves. What an absolute disgrace implying that the only good thing about the new pope is that he is old.

Ambrose said...

Father, while I understand that he is no great friend of the EF, please don't despair. First, it would be politically impossible for him to do away with Pope Benedict's legislation within his own lifetime. Second, he is rumoured to have been a supporter of Benedict XVI's election in the 2005 conclave. Just as JPII were very, very different men who nonetheless slowly rebuilt various aspects of Catholic orthodoxy, we may have legitimate grounds to hope and pray that Pope Francis will be a similarly orthodox dissimilar man.

1569 Rising said...

I agree with Em. The article, by the B-A journalist was bad enough, but the comments were in many cases totally lacking in any sense of Christian charity. In addition, they were, as it turns out, wrong.

I have taken a decision not to read any further postings on the Rorate Caeli blog.