Sunday, January 06, 2013

St John Bosco

The relics of St John Bosco have arrived in the UK. Sadly their itinerary does not include the North East of England. Maybe this is because the resposnse to the relics of St Therese was rather poor in Newcastle. However I notice that he is weaing a maniple, something I`ve not seen any Salesian priest do. I do hope this doesn`t mean he is against Vatican II!

For statistics for the visit of the relics of St Therese see here.  There were 5000 visitors in Newcastle. This included visitors from Scotland. In Middlesbrough there were 15,000, in York 10,000 and even in Portsmouth 4,500. Then there were the 30,000 at Salford!


Ken Ibbs said...

As a steward at St.Andrew's I have clear memories(and pictures) of long queues outside and reverent crowds inside. We stepped in as the cathedral floor was up.Ken Ibbs

rachel said...

father,I think you are wrong in your comments with regards as to where the Relics are to be viewed,they are mostly going to the largest Cathedrals in this country,and also perhaps to the areas where they have auxilary Bishops!!! However having seen the horrid welcome(i mean the dancing which perhaps shouldn't have been allowed),afforded to them in Liverpool perhaps they shouldn't have had the honour.

Fr Michael Brown said...

Thanks Rachel. You are right that I ahdn`t studied the route carefully enough. The relics are going to the metrpolitan cathedrals (apart from visit to Carfin).