Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Masses

The phone never stops at this time of year with people asking what time the Christmas Masses are so here they are!

Christmas Mass Times:

St Mary`s, Forest Hall: Christmas Eve 5.30 and Midnight (Missa Cantata, Extraordinary Form) ( carols before both) and Christmas Day 10.30am.

SS Peter and Paul`s, Longbenton Christmas Eve 7.30pm and Christmas Day 9.15am

I have been fortunate in being able to celebrate a sung Midnight Mass in the Extraordinary Form since every year since 1997. I`m glad we once again have the musicians and servers available to make it possible.

UPDATE 24.12.11 ok so it didn`t make much difference. The phone is ringing every five minutes. I have left a message on the answerphone with Mass times but the last caller rang three times so i answered. Some callers refuse to believe me when I tell them the Mass times!


ScepticalBeliever said...

People who phone to ask what time Midnight Mass is are those people who do not have computers so posting the times on your esteemed blog is probably a waste of time. Test is: have the expected number of calls lessened? We/you shall see.

Happy Christmas!

Rubricarius said...

Good news if the 'phone is ringing non-stop I would have thought!

A happy Christmas.

Hark the Herald said...

Why would anyone ring up and ask the time of Midnight Mass. Will it not be at midnight I wonder if anyone rings up and asks what time is the 10.30 am Mass?

ScepticalBeliever said...

Well, someone should answer it!

Seeker said...

Offer it up Father! All Have a very happy, and holy Christmas. You'll be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a Blessed, peace-filled Christmas which might be phone-free!