Friday, January 14, 2011

The Ordinariate and Incardination

Yesterday the three former Anglican bishops were ordained to the diaconate in the chapel of Allen Hall. This means they are now clerics and as such need to be incardinated (Cf canon 266.1). Yet the Ordinariate into which they are to be incardinated does at the time of writing still not exist. Very strange. So where have they been incardinated? Will the Ordinariate be established in time for their priestly ordinations tomorrow?
Also what ever happened to the long-awaited document clarifiying Summorum Pontificum? The last we heard it was almost imminent and would even be released before Christmas.
While I`m at it why are the Sons of the Holy Redeemer on Papa Stronsay still not full regularised years after their reconcilliation when other groups were sorted out very quickly?
All very odd.
And now Pope John Paul II`s beatification is announced. I still wish the normal procedure had been observed to give a longer perspective.


David O'Neill said...

How true Father. I must say I've never been an advocate of 'Subito Santo' & sadly the role of Devil's Advocate has been done away with.
In whatever field we look good works are publicised & 'faults' remain hidden. Our Coptic bretheren seem to have it about right when they insist on (I believe) 70 years must pass after the subject's death before such monumental decisions are made.
Insofar as the ordinations of the ex CofE bishops is concerned this too I find strange. Why the indecent(?) haste? If their theology is sound why not say that their orders are valid? We had a similar situation with Mgr Leonard the former Anglican Bishop of London, not just a priest but a monsignor?
As far as the Trans-Alpine Redemptorists are concerned the worry seems to be that they are not being accepted because of their traditionalism & love of the Extraordinary Form. From what I've read their orthodoxy seems to be without question.

Enrico Dante said...

the Ordinariate does exist, but the decree establishing it has not yet been made available to the public. Just as with the Apostolic Constitution, which was dated the 4th of November, but not made available until the 9th.

1569 Rising said...

David is, as usual, quite correct - (creep!). I ma not enamoured of the instant sanctity lark going on at the moment. Having said that, I am not in any way qualified to pass judgement on the sanctity or otherwise of Pope John Paul, so I am not going to!

However, on the temporal level, he will be remembered as being one of the three great destroyers of Soviet Communism, along with President Ronald Reagan and our own Blessed Margaret.

(That last one will get Pax Christi, J&P and Bruce Kent jumping up and down.)