Wednesday, September 09, 2009

North East Catholic History Society

I am delighted to say that our diocesan website now has a section on the North East Catholic History Society of which I have the honour of being chairman. There you can find the programme of talks for the next academic year and details about the magazine. Thanks to the diocesan webmaster for her work on this.


1569 Rising said...

Reverend Father Chairman,

I was not aware that there had been an election for such an eminent position. I know that the Soviets used to hold secret elections, and that our esteemed Leader was "elected" nem con, so is the History Society following the example of the Supreme Soviet and the Labour Party?

Wouldn't it be nice if St Michael's (Elswick)Parish Registers were to be deposited with the Records Office so that we genealogists could have a look, or are there too many guilty secrets lurking in their depths?

Anyway, many congratulations on your election.

(I feel I am getting much too cynical now that I have reached 65)

Fr Michael Brown said...

1569, it`s not something I took on recently. I was asked to take on the role by the committee in 2007, I think.

I¬m sure it would be useful if St Michael`s records were available to be consulted. I`m not sure I can do anything about it.

Uncle Joe said...

1569 - don't blame reaching 65 for your cynicism - it was evident long before this milestone was reached.
I am sure that the leaders in Russia were not elected 'nem con' as the Latin language would have been 'non grata' [не допускаютсяin] in such an atheistic society.
Your mention of the Supreme Soviet obviously indicates your familiarity with 'guilty secrets' lurking in the depths.

наилучшие пожелания.
Uncle Joe

Ronan said...

This looks grand, Fr, I'll definitely be signing up for membership. How long do the talks last, tho, cos I'm due into work at 3pm on a wednesday?

1569 Rising said...

Uncle Joe - I am delighted that you are alive, I thought you had died in Moscow in 1953. The pale imitation currently residing in Downing Street will need to stop his masquerading. The Brownist-Mandelsonite imperialist running dog clique are but pathetic copies of the Great Leader.

My own experiences of Supreme Soviet tactics were gained as a member of Gateshead Council for ten years, so I know where the bodies are buried.

I have a hunch that St Michael's Registers may contain guilty secrets of a non-marital Baptismal kind - although I may well be wrong, after all, Catholics did not indulge in such activities.

Uncle Joe, I must admit failure in your Russian test, although I am sure the comments are complimentary, especially since you are dead, at least that is what Nicky Khruschev told us.