Tuesday, July 07, 2009

July 7th

Today is the second anniversary of the publication of Summorum Pontificum. It also sees the publication of a new papal encyclical on social teaching, Caritas in Veritate. Today also marks the 67th birthday of our new bishop, Seamus Cunningham, with whom I concelebrated a Mass at my old parish of St Joseph`s, Gateshead held to mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of the church.
So quite a lot to celebrate for one day.


1569 Rising said...

I know that this is off the topic, but during my frequent perusals of the Northumbrian Jacobites site, (God bless them), I have seen no mention of the Mass on July 22. Am I missing something, or is this a Hanoverian plot?

The "Gentleman in Black Velvet" still lives.

Fr Michael Brown said...

The Mass is, if anything, under the auspices of the `Friends of Dilston chapel`. There was a split between the Jacobites and those who wanted to concentrate mainly on Dilston and there are now two organisations.

It`s definitely on so far as I know.

1569 Rising said...

So, there are two conflicting Stuart/Jacobite organisations! How very Jacobite, there are,after all, about 13 different Stuart claims to the throne today, so what's new?

How pathetic, like rats fighting in a sack over a piece of mouldy cheese.