Monday, January 12, 2009

Back due to popular demand

Sorry, it all got rather complicated on many levels but just to acknowledge that we do have a bishop-elect, Canon Seamus Cunningham. Read about it here.


madame evangelista said...

Father, did you ever get the time to finish your 'favourite things' list?

Fr Michael Brown said...

Sorry Madame E. It seems to get harder every time I try. I promise something soon.

PeterHWright said...

My first thought on reading this was : nonsense, I can quite easily reel off a list of my favourite things (it came to twenty, or so).

My second thought was : it's not such an easy question to answer, when you think about it.

It all depends upon what we mean by favourite things. Things with which we are familiar ? Things we like doing ? Things which really matter to us ? (Does this include things we need, or things we think we need ?)

I thought my favourite thing is silence. And, I thought, what a clever answer. Then I thought of birdsong, polyphony, the voice of Caruso. And other wonderful sounds.
But silence does not preclude the memory of sounds, does it ?

As Father says, it's a question which gets harder to answer every time you try ..

madame evangelista said...

Lol, I didn't mean for it to become a burden!

Peter-I think absolute silence would be quite scary if it went on for any length of time!

PeterHWright said...

Madame E,

Yes, I agree, but it depends what we mean by silence, doesn't it ? Does silence simply mean the absence of sound ? This seems more like a definition of deafness. Even so, there would be (in most cases) the memory of sound. Then, what about interior silence ? It's an endlessly fascinating question.

madame evangelista said...

For some reason my computer won't allow me to leave a comment on your favourite things post... it's a fascinating list, and I'm glad you enjoyed thinking about it:) I'll be looking up those music links.

Anonymous said...

This is a comment about the actual post - the new bishop. he's got a nice pair of legs!

Fr Michael Brown said...

Madame E, just to say that if you are looking for Facade it`s the version with Edith Sitwell and Peter Pears which is the one to have.